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This device belongs to the Vigilohm range designed to monitor ungrounded/IT electrical networks, in accordance to installation and products standards. According to standards, it is recommanded to equip your systems with Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMD). This device is dedicated to monitoring AC, DC and ACDC systems of medium size, with limited disturbances. It mesures the system insulation resistance by injecting a low frequency AC current between the network and ground. Configuration will be set depending on the installation. Settings are available on the front of the device, through the HMI screen. Settings are alarm thresholds from 0,5 kilohms to 500 kilohms, and alarm delay from 0 to 7200 secondes. It monitors networks up to 600VAC when connected to neutral, 480V when connected to line, and 345VDC, with up to 40 microfarad. The black and white screen can displays insulation resistance from 100 ohms to 10 megohms. Auto-test starts automatically every 5 hours, and on demand. In case the system insulation resistance drops below the set threshold, meaning a ground fault occurred, an alarm is triggered thru the IMD output relay. Once no fault is monitored, the alarm is cleared, the alarm relay is back to normal. The device can be supplied by a 110VAC to 415VAC source or a 125VDC to 250VDC, all with a tolérence of plus or minus 15%. This product can be installed on DIN rail, or flush mounted. Front face ingress protection is IP52, rear IP20 and overvolage category III.

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