MCB C120H, 2P 63A 15kA “C” Curve

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This Acti9 C120H is a low voltage multistandard miniature circuit breaker (MCB). It is a 2P circuit breaker with 2 protected poles, 63A rated current and D tripping curve. The rated short circuit breaking capacity goes up to 15000A at 230VAC to 400VAC conforming to EN/IEC 60898-1 standard and 15000A at 230VAC to 400VAC conforming to EN/IEC 60898-1 standard. This product complies with both industrial standard EN/IEC 60898-1 and residential standard EN/IEC 60947-2. This miniature circuit breaker combines functions of circuit protection against short circuit and overload current, control and isolation. The presence of green strip guarantees that contacts open physically and allows work to be carried out safely on the downstream circuit. Its fast closing mechanism improves its service life. Acti9 C120 offer is dedicated to industrial and tertiary buildings. It has an electrical endurance going up to 10000 cycles and a mechanical endurance going up to 20000 cycles. The Ue operational voltage is going from 380VAC to 415VAC. The Ui rated insulation voltage is 500VAC. Its limitation class 3 (according to EN/IEC60898-1) improves downstream circuit protection cost. The product can be clipped on a DIN rail. Its width is 6 pitches of 9mm. Pollution degree is 3. Overvoltage category is IV. The product colour is white (RAL9003). The dimensions are (W) 54mm x (H) 81mm x (D) 73mm. The weight is 0.41kg. It has an IP20 degree of protection (as per IEC/EN 60529) on its terminals. The operating temperature is -30°C to 60°C. The storage temperature is -40°C to 70°C.
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